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Question posed to Angels in the Attic, & the Answer

Question: Are the Angel’s stores (Angels in the Attic, Angels Boutique, Angels Christmas Store, and the furniture sales at the Angels Donation Center) available for only the needy to shop in?

Answer: No. Everyone is welcome, and encouraged, to shop at any of the Angels in the Attic stores. Proceeds go to help fund various food banks over the county and emergency assistance through Social Services and New River Community Action.

The assistance provided through Social Services and New River Community Action includes vouchers that are provided by Angels to be distributed by New River Community Action, at their discretion to those with limited resources or others of the community facing needs because of house fires, unexpected medical bills, flooding or other occurrences that might put them in need. Vouchers can be used instead of cash to purchase needed items.

There is an abundance of merchandise at the stores, donated by people in recognition of our goals. The more people that shop, and make purchases, the more proceeds there are to provide assistance.

We keep prices very low in the main Angels in the Attic store, so that people with limited resources can buy clothing, toys, tableware, cooking utensils, at prices they cannot find elsewhere. However, everyone is welcomed to purchase any item in the store. You will find tourists strolling the aisles for bargains, perhaps hoping to find an antique treasure sitting there on the shelf.

An example of “something for everyone” is the Angel’s Boutique. It sells high-end donations to residents of Floyd County, and also to tourists, and even owners of antique shops in nearby cities. It is a very important component of raising funds in support of local food banks and charitable organizations.

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