What’s Up in the Attic mid-Nov


We need volunteers to help out on the charitable work for which Angels in the Attic exists. Some of the activities at the Angels Donation Center are listed below.

To become a volunteer, stop by the Angels Donation Center at the corner of Needmore Lane and Hwy 8 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Fridays, between the hours of 9-2 to discuss your contribution of time.

Activities examples:


Go through donated clothing, and sort into categories such as infants, children, high school, and adults.


Dust and clean donated items so they are attractive.


Place clothing of each category into boxes and pack for shipment to the Angels in the Attic Store. For example, the store may call because they are running out of infant’s clothing, and need more boxes right away.

We always ask you what you prefer to do, and what hours or days you prefer to assist.

We may be changing to winter hours at the Donation Center later on this year.

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