What’s Up in the Attic mid-Feb 2016

Financials for Angels in the Attic

The CPA firm for Angels in the Attic non-profit has prepared a chart to simplify the financial statement for where the money goes for charitable purposes.  Angels believes in full disclosure, as it is a local non-profit charitable organization, and local residents deserve to have full visibility.

You will notice from the chart that Angels has an extraordinary high percentage of its revenue, minus expenses, that goes to local charitable efforts. Sorry, we are like you, in that we cannot avoid paying utilities, insurance, or repairs and painting at the old Stores buildings in town, and at the Donation Center.

Please click once on the link below, and a second link pops up, so click on that link once and the spending graph will appear.  Sorry for this inconvenience, but it is because it is a pdf file.

angels spending graph 2015


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