What’s Up in the Attic late Feb 2016


There are 3 new signs installed at the Angels Donation Center which is located at the corner of Hwy 8 and Needmore Lane.

The signs were carefully considered by the volunteers, so as to be more helpful to people dropping off donations, to eliminate clutter around the front of the house, and to eliminate heavy lifting by the volunteers.

The first sign identifies the Angels Donation Center for people driving by on Hwy 8. The second sign, for those driving up, explains to load everything into the mini-barn, except furniture, and offers instructions to go to the lower (second) driveway for that. The third sign is posted on the door of the mini-barn and explains that no mattresses, car seats, or TV’s can be accepted. Mattresses cannot be recycled for health reasons, car seats for safety reasons, and TV’s (the tube types) for hazardous materials reasons.

Thanks to Hari Berzins for the photography, and to Andy Finn of Finngraphics for helping on the sign language, and doing the installation, while keeping the cost down. A local citizen also donated a portion of the expense.

Minibarn sid back up IMG_0004
Minidbarn side close up IMG_0003
Door sign IMG_0001
Door sign up close IMG_0002
Angels big sign IMG_0005
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