What’s Up in the Attic late April 2017

Many thanks to The Floyd Press for their great coverage of the construction in process at the Donation Center at the corner of Needmore and Hwy 8 (See copies below in the photos).

Handling furniture has been a big problem which this construction will fix. There has been no space out of the weather for storing furniture, or displaying it to purchasers. Moving furniture in and out when it is delivered or sold has been difficult work over dirt floors.

The garage attached to the house has proven too small for intake, and sorting, with the volunteers trying to navigate tiny aisles, stepping over boxes, and handling the same item over and over again, which has been frustrating and time-wasting. The shed behind the house was leaning, it had a dirt floor, and cracks let in water, so it had to be replaced. The expansion to the garage replaces the need for that shed.

Angels Floyd Press 1

Angels Floyd Press 2

Donation center - 2

Donation center - 1

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