What’s Up in the Attic early July #2 2017

The new furniture donation center building for drop-off and sales of furniture is getting close to opening. The contractors are still working on removing dirt and debris from the future parking area, also on finishing the driveway, and in addition on spreading the topsoil back to its new positions. There will be an announcement of the grand opening.

Because furniture has been jammed into an old house, and into various other locations pending the building completion, when it all was moved into the new building a few days ago, it completely filled all the space. There are now aisles so that all items can be viewed, and easily taken to the dock when purchased.

Although the store is not open yet, if there are people who have an immediate need (due to damage to their possessions, or moving into a new location), you may stop by the drop off shed on the upper driveway and ask one of the volunteers for a safe escorted viewing.

The Angels Donation Center is located at the intersection of Highway 8 and Needmore lane, and is open M, T, W 8am-2pm and on Fridays closes at noon. However, you can drop off donations at any time in the shed (please do not leave any items outside in the weather). We cannot accept TVs, mattresses, chemicals, or child car seats, for health and safety reasons. Furniture donations can be handled in a few days when the grand opening occurs.

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