What’s Up in the Attic early September 2018

Financial Statement and Pie Chart of Supported Programs is released for the year 2017 by Floyd County Angels Ministries Inc., the umbrella organization for Angels in the Attic Store, Angels Boutique, Angels Furniture Store, Angels Donation Center, and Angels Christmas Store.

For the purpose of transparency and full disclosure, here is the official financial statement for Angels, which summarizes the final results for all the efforts of the 80+ volunteers, also the volunteers of the Angels Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors makes the final decisions for which (of the many organizations in the area) can be supported by funds from Angels.  There are some changes from year to year, as circumstances may change.

For the year 2017, an amazing 64.6% of all sales went to supported programs. The balance went to the expenses of the operations, such as insurance, water & sewer, electricity, repairs and maintenance. This incredible percentage is due to the support of a large team of volunteers who toil not only at the counters but behind the scenes sorting donations, trucking it to the stores, stocking the shelves and racks, pricing items, sweeping and dusting, and much more.

You will find copies of both documents posted in the window of Angels in the Attic Store, as has been the practice of the past few years.

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