What’s Up in the Attic early December #2 2018

We have a new door installed at the front of the Angels Furniture Store, located just to the right of the roll-up door. It should help to keep out the cold air in winter which chattered with cold the teeth of the volunteers, and the hot air in summer. Up until now, the roll-up door was the only way for visitors to enter, and when the first volunteer arrived in the morning, they had to walk through an uphill grass and dirt area (sometimes in heavy rain) to reach the side door in order to open up (and the reverse for the last volunteer to close up).

When you stop by to look at the new door, be sure to check out our supply of exercise equipment there. Make those New Year’s resolutions a reality!

At the Angels in the Attic Store, we have stacks and stacks of DVD movies (only $1.00 – way l
ess than renting). We have lots of jigsaw puzzles and games, ranging in price from 50¢ to $2.00. Keep some of these items handy for cold weather entertainment, or buy them as gifts.

In the shoe section, black seems to be the color of the season. We have black boots ($3.00), black flats, and black heels ($2.00). Just outside the shoe room you will find an abundance of pocketbooks and purses ($2.00).

The Attic, Boutique, Furniture, and Donation Center will be closed from December 23 through January 3, 2019. They will reopen Friday, January 4, 2019. ONLY A VERY FEW SHOPPING DAYS LEFT.

Correction for Christmas Store: It will be open through Saturday, December 22nd, then closed until next fall.


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