What’s Up in the Attic August 24,2020


A huge number of chairs are available at the Angels Furniture Store. Come on in during open hours which are Fridays and Saturdays from 9 AM – 2 PM. We are located at the corner of Hwy 8 and Needmore lane, simply go to the lower driveway to the large metal building. Here is a list of how chairs can be utilized:

– We have had people buy chairs for events, saying they are less expensive than renting, who return the chairs as a donation after the event.

– Maybe your classes need more social distancing, and additional chairs are needed.

– Perhaps you need a chair in your guest room in your house, so they can be seated to remove their shoes.

– Perhaps your school kids need chairs for the table where they do online learning

– For college dorms or apartments for students on a tight budget

– For workshops where someone is sanding or assembling

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