What’s Up in the Attic September 23, 2020


The Angels Boutique is proud to announce a new angel statue to roll outside during open hours.

The current wooden angel was starting to fall apart. It was originally donated by, we recall, a youth as a school project several years ago. A couple years ago, it was renovated by a local handyman as much as possible after it started to fall apart, and then was repainted and relettered by Cappy Spangler. That extended its life for a couple years.

This new one was redesigned, fabricated, assembled, painted, and lettered by a local team of two, Roger Kienzle and Barbara Pleasant, one a skilled carpenter and the other a skilled artist. Many thanks to these two for their significant donation of time and funds, as well as their creativity to re-imagine an updated look for the angel.

I think a name for the angel would be in order, something like “Angelica” or ???. Reply with your ideas for naming.

The new angel has gained a whole new cheery look and wheels too, which makes it easier for the volunteers to roll out, and roll back in at the end of the day.

The Angel’s Boutique is located adjacent to the Angels in the Attic Store, which is next door to the world famous Floyd Country Store on Hwy 9 a block from the sole traffic signal in the Town of Floyd, VA. Open hours are Fridays 10am-4pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm.

The Angels Boutique is operating with a shortage of volunteers so if you find it closed during open hours, that is the reason. If you view something in the window that you are seriously considering buying, go to the Angels in the Attic Store and they can bring it out.

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