Also visit us on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AngelsintheAtticFloydVa or do a web search for the words Facebook Angels in the Attic Floyd

If you would like to volunteer, or have questions about how to volunteer,

  1. Contact Gennell Vest at 540-745-4500 for the Attic and the Angels Christmas Store, Rhonda Daiber at 540-230-1793 for the Boutique or Marie Daniel for the Angels Donation Center or the Angels Furniture Store.
  2. Email angelsfloydinfo@gmail.com
  3. Inquire at any of the Angels in the Attic Stores during operating hours

Angels in the Attic Store, Angels Boutique, Angels Christmas Store, Angels Furniture Store, and Angels Donation Center

Really, Really Need YOU as a Volunteer

Perhaps you have only a couple hours available — THAT IS FINE

Perhaps you can’t commit to regular hours — THAT IS FINE TOO

Angels is very very flexible and will accommodate your preferences

Hands copy edit

Hands of Current Volunteers

Some examples of the types of assistance needed:

  1. Sorting donated clothing into categories such as children’s, men’s and women’s
  2. Sorting books into categories for children, travel, cookbooks, religion and fiction
  3. Refurbishing donated items, such as tightening screws, polishing, gluing
  4. Mending and fixing toys or bicycles for children and sorting into age groups
  5. Removing items from the minibarn outside shed at the Donation Center and taking them into the house to sort
  6. Restocking shelves and racks at the Attic or the Boutique
  7. Cashier at the Attic or the Boutique or the Furniture Store or Christmas Store
  8. Customer assistance at the Attic to help customers find and select what they are looking for
  9. Perform “fixits” of the facilities at the Donation Center, the Attic or Angels Boutique, i.e., a nail here, a hook there, tighten a hinge, oil a squeak, etc.
  10. Perform arts and crafts to “repurpose” donations or use your creative skills to convert certain donations into something new
  11. Use your electrical, plumbing or carpentry skills to repair or make improvements

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