What’s Up in the Attic early March 2017

Great for a plant stand, coffee table, side table, craft bench, or lamp table, or perhaps only for the purpose of admiring an implement of a lost trade. These are not being made any more, for sure, so forget going to WalMart or Ikea for one. You can find this one at the Angels Boutique Store for $60, which is adjacent to the Angels in the Attic Store. (I think that is well below market price in an antique store). It is only a few steps from the famous Floyd Country Store in downtown Floyd VA. Check for the current open winter hours on this website.

Remember that all the proceeds of your purchases (less, of course, utilities, maintenance, insurance, etc.), are donated to local charities in Floyd County to help those in need with meals, food, and shelter.  So at Angels Boutique, or the Angels in the Attic Store, you can feel extra good about buying something, and in addition you are participating in recycling of donations.

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