What’s Up in the Attic March 15, 2021


A combination of insufficient number of volunteers to carry heavier boxes out of the minibarn to the sorting area, and a lot of people who are using Covid-19 stay at home time to organize their closets, attic, and garage has resulted into a pileup that has stuffed the sorting area. It will take a couple weeks to catch up.

Also, the Angels Furniture Store will remain open, but cannot accept donations. We need people to buy some furniture so as to make room for new donations. Prices are very cheap, and there are some great buys there. The open hours are Fridays and Saturdays 9AM-2PM.

We will post an update when it reopens. The minibarn will be locked. The sorting area will be locked. Please hold onto your donations for a couple weeks and do not drop them off outside the Minibarn nor in the driveway. We are sorry for your inconvenience but it is unavoidable.

We need some volunteers who are sturdy enough to empty some heavier boxes out of the minibarn. This would be from 1 up to 4 days during the weekdays. Even if you are only available one of the days, it would be a big help. If you wish to volunteer, check with the Angels in the Attic Store or email Angels at angelsfloydinfo@gmail.com. You may phone the Attic during open hours Friday 9AM-4PM and Saturday 9AM-2PM at 745-4500.

We do appreciate all of Floyd County residents for your thinking of Angels Donation Center when you organize your household and garage. It is a very worthwhile thing to do while you are staying at home more during Covid-19. The volunteers are people, too, and have been doing the same.

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